A Wishing Tree in a Sacred Place

There are just a few places that I consider Sacred to me.

Places where

  • I hear the word of God
  • Where my creative thoughts flow
  • And where I am able to stop long enough to fully understand what is most important to me in my life.

This past weekend I was blessed to spend three days at one of those places.  There is a “Wishing Tree” at this place where I was able to write down what I wished for my wife and girls.  Those wishes will stayed tied to the branches of the tree until New Years Eve and then they will be set free in ashes of celebration in the Mid-night bon fire.


My Beloved:  My wish for you is PEACE in Your Everyday

My Amazing Princess:  My wish for you is for You to grow to become a CONFIDENT woman

My Beautiful Child:  My wish for You is KNOWLEDGE.  Your six-year-old mind is so amazing.

My Innocent Spirit:  My wish for You is for You to never lose your CHILD-LIKE WONDER

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