The START and END of 2011

Facebook is always so inspiring to me.  I often find that great Friends offer up or
inspire such great ideas.  In a discussion about “Do we wish we took more pictures this year” I said yes, and
especially of my little ones.

This all sparked an idea to put together side-by-side
pictures in a diptych of them in January and December of this year.

  • I see a baby turning into a toddler
  • I see a toddler turning into a confident little girl
  • I see a little girl turning into a little woman

I hope for you to have the time to reflect on this past year
and to enjoy the changes that have taken place in the past 12 months.

I also wish for you to have a great 2012 and to follow your

Happy New Year.


Cross Holiday Shoot

Fall is FULL of color and such a great time to capture photos for Holiday cards

We had a great time with the Cross Family at one of the local Foot Hill Winery and Vineyards.

Give us a ring to schedule your holiday card shoot.  There is still time.

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