So What’s in a Word

This Month I have been taking a picture a day (Okay, I forgot a couple of days) from a list of subjects given for each day.  It has been so much fun trying to think outside the box for each subject.  Today’s subject:


I have not thought much about What’s in a word.  And then I realized that words are powerful.  And there can be so many ways to interrupt a word even when it has only so many meaning listed in a dictionary.  Or maybe I should say that last sentence this way.  There are so many different ways to “Feel” a word even when it has only so many meanings.  And so my WORD today is…..Wait for it….


Nama – Bow

As – I

Te - You

“Bow Me You”

More Westernized – The Divine Light in Me Honors the Devine Light in You.

As a Christian who deeply believes in my One God in Heaven, who is Divine in my eyes, this word stirs deep feeling within me.  Is it okay for the God in me to bow to a God in you?  Certainly I could say that there is no way that I will bow to you because I only bow to my One God.

You see, how far could I let myself go down this road of “Justification”?  So I stop myself right there.  This is what this word means to me.

  • It is an opportunity to say that I honor and respect you.
  • In my travels to India, it was an opportunity to say Thank You for taking care of me.
  • At the end of my Yoga practice it is an opportunity to say, if only in my mind, that I wish for my One God to bless each of you and hold you.

Namaste to EACH of you who have stopped by to spend time with me in my Blog.



Hi There, Welcome to the Roll-out of my New Todd Petrik Photography Blog and Site


For the past six months I have been thinking day and night of my blog to be.  Today it is a reality.

Over the past four years as I have grown my photography business I have come to see POETRY every time I look through my lens.  I see love, relationships, tough times, good times, sadness and happiness as I stare down the lens of my camera.  Each of the people I take pictures of writes the lines of their poems in a unique way and I LOVE that.  I feel so blessed to be invited to capture those lines in pictures.

This site could not have e without the sacrifice of several people in my life.  First, I thank my wife for her patience in allowing me to disappear in the evenings.  Second, I would like to thank Heather of Lovebugs Photography Design.  Her patience and hard work is what brought this site together.  Heather, bless you for making all of my crazy ideas a reality.

I leave you for now with a story of my latest inspiration.

Everyday I seem to rush on by.  It is the colors of the trees that stopped me in my tracks.  Each morning as I drive out of my neighborhood, those trees were screaming ”Look at Me”.  So I did.  I stopped at this intersection just as the sun was coming up and captures the lines of their poem.

I wish for you all the opportunity to be stopped to see the poetry in your lives.

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