I am thankful this Christmas that I am not an Invisible

Our house has a tradition very holiday season.  Dad, yes that’s me, takes his girls to San
Francisco for a day of Cable car riding, good food and to see all the lights
and beautifully decorated store fronts.
This year, my middle daughter turned 5 so it was her first trip.  She was so excited.

Chris Orwig states in his book “Visual Poetry” that to take
good photographs; one has to be aware in a deeper way of their subject.  So I went this year to San Francisco with the
intention of capturing how invisible the homeless are in such a huge crowd of
people.  With this intention, I noticed
the homeless in a different way.  I
noticed their struggle, loneliness, hunger, fear and despair.  And what stood out was that they were going
though this in a CROWD.

I thank God that my family is not invisible and while I
understand that I cannot change the whole world, I have been moved to serve
those who are down and out.

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of
these brother and sisters of mine, you did for me – Matthew 25:40

May you be blessed this Christmas season and in the New Year
to come and may your blessing be spilling over to the world around you.

Merry Christmas – Todd

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