Senior Spokesmodel Application

For a pdf version of this application, click here.

Your Benefits as a Spokes Model:

2 – 1 hour mini sessions (no fee), unlimited locations & clothing changes. (No prints included). A mini session will be done by May and your other session will be at the beginning of your senior year in the fall. Bring 3 to 4 fun, funky and fashionable outfits.

You are required to purchase at a minimum, the “Tell Your Story Senior Session” at 50% off.

5×7 Custom Image Folio to SHOW OFF YOU and promote Todd Petrik Photography. (8×10 Folio may be included for an additional $45.00)

Up to 10 web-sized/watermarked images for Facebook, I’ll tag you!

50 custom Rep cards with your images and my information to pass out to every new senior you know.

Website, Blog, Brochures, Displays & Facebook are some of the places in which you may appear.

Your Referrals get a $50 discount when booking their Session

The Specifics
City __________________________ State ______ Zip _______________
Parents or Guardians Name _______________________________________
Home Phone #________________________________________________
Cell Phone #_________________________________________________
Email Address________________________________________________
Facebook Address______________________________________________
Your High School______________________________________________

The Fun Stuff, tell us about you

  • What Extra Curricular Activities are you involved in?
  • What Community Activities are you involved in?
  • Do you feel that you are a good influence on your peers? Please describe.
  • Describe your personality? What defines who you are?Who do you think is the most influential person to you?Why do you think you will be a good representative for Todd Petrik Photography?

The Boring but Necessary Stuff

Parental permission is required to participate. Your parent will have to sign this contract/application in order for you to participate.

Parents or Guardian’s Signature______________________________________


The Opportunities for YOU, our Spokes Model and your Parents or Guardian

Spokes Models can earn for each Booked and Completed senior session from your referral

  • First referral – $15 credit towards Prints or 8 free wallets or 1 free 5×7 print
  • 3 referrals – $30 credit towards Prints or free 5×10 Collage
  • 5 referrals – $50 credit towards Prints or free 3×3 mini accordion or $50 gift certificate to the store of your choice
  • 8 referrals – $75 credit towards Prints or free 10×20 Collage
  • 10 referrals – $100 credit towards Prints
  • 15 referrals – $150 credit towards Prints or free 8GB iPod Nano

Referrals cannot be seniors I have already been in contact with and booked.

Referrals must complete a session.

Only one $50 discount per referral

Please sign again below to verify you understand the referral program.

Spokes Model’s Signature__________________________________________

Take this opportunity to let us know what we missed
Have we here at Todd Petrik Photography missed any other information about you that you would like for us to know? Are there other incentives that you would like for promoting Todd Petrik Photography as a Senior Rep Spokes Model? Let us know what is on your mind if you please.


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